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Are you Ready for your Phone Lines To Disappear

As NBN and Optic Fibre is being rolled out across Australia, the standard Phone lines are being removed and replaced by IP Lines.

Befor you know it, your phones will need to run on IP PBX and you will need to spend money on upgrading your Phone Systems.

Free 3CX phone system by SAITEL
Free PBX phone system by SAITEL

VOIP has many benefits

  • Calls can be routed to a totally different location after hours.

  • Powerful Interactive Voice response can route calls to specific extensions across the globe.

  • Eliminate use of Hard Phones and use Soft Phones installed on PCs.

  • Carry your extension on IOS or Android phone.

  • Voice Message to email.


Many more BUT most importantly

Call costs are are much Lower so Phone Bills are much Lower.

Best IP PBX System

In the World

Hosted 3CX phone system by SAITEL

3CX is the most powerful IP PBX in the world.

It can be suitable for a home office with 2 people working or


An enterprise with multiple offices in multiple cities in multiple countries.


Cost in all cases is very minimal.

Hosted IP PBX System for $0*

This is a totally True offer and Below is how it works.

  • We will host your own PBX system on AWS cloud on a space fully dedicated to your business, (Not Shard).

  • We will provide you with the handsets you require for your operations

  • We will provide you with 3CX licence which is registered in your name and will pay the annual costs

All you need to do is Migrate your phones services to us.

We Guarantee 83% of the times we can achieve the proposition, Balance of the times together we tweek the numbers and make it work.

Sure we Can give you references of our work.

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